Two Roads “Roadsmary’s Baby”

Roadsmary's Baby      Happy Halloween fellow Craft Beer Enthusiasts! This year I came across an incredibly appropriate Pumpkin Ale for Halloween! One with a Most Excellent Name! Remember to Be safe and Drink Responsibly!
      Two Roads BrewingRoadsmary’s Baby“… 1st let me address the Super Rad Name this beer has. OK, back to my review. It pours an orange hazy color, with a thin and quickly dissipating white head. The aroma is pumpkin meat, pumpkin spices, rum and vanilla. Upon first taste the rum barrel aging wastes no time to present itself, but is not overpowering. Then the fall spices rush in and take over. The mouth-feel feel is sweet and sticky. The 6.8% ABV adds a little heat. It finishes sweet and hot with pumpkin spices. This is a solid Halloween / Pumpkin Beer offering from Two Roads! Here’s to Good Beers!

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