Unibroue “16”

      I have mentioned in the past that the craft beer community is a very generous community. The craft beer community would love everyone to know that there is plenty of better quality brew in the world than T.V and billboards would have all of us to believe! I have met many awesome craft beer enthusiasts that just want to share their love of good beer with others that can appreciate it! Recently I stopped by a Bar & Restaurant (The Court Jester) local to me that does have a good amount of craft beer on tap. Regularly they have what is called “Meet the Rep Night”. A night where a representative of a craft brewery is on hand to give out samples, answer questions, and just spread the word about their brewery’s beer! A lot of times the Rep will have cool gear to give away, like t-shirts, bottle openers, or pint glasses. This time around I met a Unibroue rep, Bernard. This guy was awesome, he was very friendly, knowledgeable, and generous. The samples Bernard had with him were incredible. One of which I really enjoyed…
       Unibroue’s “16” Belgian Strong Ale/Tripel, was released to celebrate their 16th anniversary. It poured a deep hazy orange, with a two finger thick light beige foamy head. The aroma had sweet scents of raisins, plums, caramel, fresh bread dough, lemon, and spice. The taste matched very well with the aroma, with caramel, candied fruit, bubble gum, fresh fruit, and dark brown sugar. The mouthfeel was medium with moderate soft carbonation. Considering how sweet this brew was, I never found it to be syrupy. The finish was long and sweet with a bit of heat from the 10% ABV. I did not have the pleasure of trying this beer when it was originally released 3 years ago, but I can only imagine that it was good then and has probably improved since! Does your local craft beer bar hold “Meet the Rep Night”? Might be worth finding out! Here’s to Good Beers!
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