Victory Brewing Co. “Deep Cocoa”

      Well, it finally feels like spring at least here on the East Coast. And Easter is this Deep Cocoaweekend. So for all who celebrated happy Easter. Just like so many other religious holidays in America, we have found a way to commercialize them down to cards and candy. More specifically chocolate candy. So why not fight commercialism this year and get yourself an adult treat? Don’t gorge on Hersheys kisses or chocolate bunnies. Rather enjoy a decadent chocolate beer.
      Victory Brewing Company‘s “Deep Cocoa” chocolate Porter pours midnight black with a thick brown head. The aroma starts out Hoppe with cocoa powder, malt and wisps of coffee. The flavor starts out kind of like Baker’s chocolate. A very unsweetened dark kind of chocolate flavor and coffee. Toward the middle The sweeter malts start to become more apparent and it tastes A bit more sweet. The finish delivers a bitter dark chocolate flavor with some hops and the coffee flavor stays constant throughout. P8 .5% ABV was never overpowering but nice and warming. I would argue that after Easter dinner with the family this would make for a perfect Easter dessert. Here’s to good beers.

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