Victory’s Royal Stout

I enjoy a good Stout. Most of us know flavor the characteristics a typical stout should possess to make it enjoyable. I particularly enjoy when a stout throws me a curve ball and makes me think. I believe that I have just the stout here; Victory Storm King Imperial Stout. First of all I would like to say that if you are brazen enough to declare weather related royalty, you had better deliver on it! It poured an almost solid black with a thick brown head. I thought to myself “Yeah, that is kinda storm like in appearance“. It had an interesting aroma. It smelled quite earthy but with hints of toffee. It tasted bitter up front with chocolate notes, and had a strong roasted coffee finish. The whole experience was tied together by the warm tingle of the 9.1% abv. It was almost like this “Storm King” said to me “That’s right, I have a higher alcohol content. Deal with it!”. Despite all of the bitter and strong flavors the aftertaste was actually sweet. It had good head retention and lacing. There was a nice balance between the upfront dry bitterness and the creamy finish. I would have to say that the “Storm King” is a great stout and may indeed possess some form of regality! This is worth looking for! Here’s to Good Beers!

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2 Responses to Victory’s Royal Stout

  1. Beer Drinker says:

    I agree with everything you said. This one was pretty delicious. I also thought that the very fine carbonation added to the experience a lot.

  2. Jym says:

    Agreed, the carbonation is great in this brew!

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