Weyerbacher’s “Mike”

     As the weather gets colder and darker, we look to our food and beverages to comfort us and keep us warm. Beer is no exception! It is around this time of year I look for my beer to be a bit, heavier, stronger, and spicier! It does not necessarily need to be darker in color, It just needs to make the colder weather seem more bearable! I was gifted a great beer that fit this description perfectly! This was a gift from a co-worker that had visited a brewery in Easton, PA. I can not say this enough… Beer Makes a Perfect Gift Any Time of the Year, and for Any Occasion! That being said, on to the Brew!
     If you have not figured out already, the brewery my co-worker visited in Easton, PA was Weyerbacher. The beer gifted to me was part of their “Brewer’s Select Series“. It was an Abbey Dubbel, and it was simply named “Mike”. As of this post there is not too much information on Weyerbacher’s site about “Mike”, but I was able to drum up some info on it at beernews.org. “Mike” pours a deep maple syrupy amber, with a thin light brown head. The aroma was sweet, fruity and malty! Initially the smell reminded me of opening a package of fresh sticky raisins. There were also aromas of dried figs, vanilla, light caramel, and yeast. The taste was just as complex as the aromas, with banana, dried dark fruits, spices, candied sugar, vanilla and malt. The finish was long and sweet, with a very pleasant aftertaste. There was slightly syrupy medium mouthfeel, and the 7.6% ABV provides the perfect amount of warmth. This is a great complex beer! This was released October 23rd at the brewery. Only 60 cases were boxed up for sale at the brewery and 63 kegs were shipped out to the surrounding area. If you are out at your favorite beer bar one cold night and Mike is on tap, grab a pint! Here’s to Good Beers!

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