Weyerbacher’s “XVII”

      I hope everyone had a great summer! As promised I am back! I am scaling back a smidge though. I will be doing one or two posts a month rather than four, and the occasional special release or holiday brew review. Summer just seemed to fly by, and Fall is swiftly cooling things off here on the east coast. This is my favorite time of year for beer so be sure to check out the blog as well as all my social media outlets to see what my favorite Autumn brews are! As for this post, I celebrated the birth of my son last year a local brewery’s 16th Anniversary beer. Now I am checking out their 17th!
      Weyerbacher’sSeventeen” Anniversary Ale is a Saison brewed w/ orange peel, lemon peel, grapefruit peel and pink peppercorns. It pours a sunset golden yellow with floaties. The head is  a sudsy one finger white and reduces down to a thin white line. The aroma brings yeast, banana, bubble gum, clove, pepper and citrus. The taste is spicy, peppery and wheaty at first, but then gives way to big citrus zest flavors. Kinda like when I start to peel a grapefruit and use my teeth to get the peeling started! The pink peppercorns linger throughout. The flavors of all the citrus peel and excellent saison spiciness are just perfect! The 10.5% abv is almost completely undetectable! There is not even a hint of booziness. There is a little heat but the overall spices and citrus zest mask any thought that it may be from the abv! The finish is is dry, citrusy and spicy. This is instantly one of my all time favorite saisons! I am gonna have to stock up on this one before it is gone! Cheers Everyone! Here’s to Good Beers!

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