Widmer Brothers Brewing Co. “Drifter” Pale Ale

      I enjoy giving my opinion on beer. I really like to suggest good craft beers to others, but equally I like when others suggest a good brew to me. Even better, and I think we would all agree is when others gift you with a good beer you have never had. A couple weeks ago my supervisor at work took a trip down to Florida. He brought back a beer that his son is a fan of and thought I might be interested in. The beer he brought back was not from Florida, but it was one that I have not found in any of my local brew stores so I was pretty grateful. I have said this before, and will most likely say it again, and again; “Beer makes a great gift”!
      The beer I was gifted with was Widmer Brothers Brewing Co.Drifter” Pale Ale. It poured a clear copper color with a one finger thick sudsy white head. The aroma was super hoppy with orange and grapefruit citrus notes followed by pine, caramel and bread. The taste was not as citrousy and bitter as I would have imagined from the way it smelled. Rather, it was sweet and malty upfront accompanied by a slight vanilla bean flavor. The mouthfeel was medium with soft carbonation. A nice bitter hop bite helps the smooth, dry finish. The 5.7% ABV was almost undetectable. I thought this beer was refreshing and would accompany summer day on the beach. Thanks again to my work supervisor for hooking me up with this brew. Here’s to Good Beers!

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