Williamsburg Alewerks “Tavern Ale”

      It’s great to see all the creativity that breweries have when it comes to making their beers. You can find beer in many styles made with some wild ingredients these days. It is great to have such variety, but sometimes even I can get a little overwhelmed when visiting the brew store. It is nice to take a break every once and a while to enjoy a more simple, less over the top beer. I was gifted just such a beer back in the fall. I finally brought it out of the fridge this past week. I was looking for something basic and lower ABV. Essentially I wanted to drink a session beer that would not exhaust my taste buds, and this beer was just the thing I was looking for!
       Williamsburg AlewerksTavern AleBrown Ale, was the beer gifted to me. It pours a dark cloudy brown with a one finger thick foamy khaki colored head. The aroma was strong with chocolate malts. I could smell the chocolate from across the room after pouring it. Upfront the taste is chocolaty with mild coffee flavors. Halfway through there is a sweet nutty, malt quality that balances the beer a bit. The finish is short and sweet with a faint hop bite. The mouthfeel is thin with soft carbonation. I would say this is a decent session beer.  As depicted on the label I could almost imagine this being served at a Colonial Tavern in Virginia. Here’s to Good Beers!
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