Williamsburg AleWerks’ “Washington’s Porter”, A Christmas Tale!

      On December 25th, 1776 General George Washington led the Continental Army across the icy Delaware River to launch a surprise attack against the invading Hessian Forces in Trenton, NJ. We all know that he was successful in this attack and that George Washington eventually went from being General to our country’s first President, but did you know President George Washington loved beer? Porter to be exact! That’s right, our first President was a dark beer fan. What’s not to like? Porters often have coffee and chocolate flavors balanced out with a generous amount of hops! I wouldn’t be surprised if General George Washington toasted his Christmas victory with a pint of porter and a block of cheese!
      My Friend Chris Dombrowski of The Heavy Man’s Diary Blog (@theheavyman on Twitter), gifted me with a mixed six pack of Williamsburg AleWerks brews. One beer that struck my fancy was“Washington’s Porter”. It pours a stealthy pitch black, and forms a big puffy brown two finger thick head. The aroma was strong with roasted coffee and earthy dark cocoa. The taste also presented dark roasted coffee, with a touch of smoke and milk chocolate. There was a smooth, long finish with a bitter hops bite. The mouthfeel was medium to full. The 6.3% ABV was controlled and would provide a continental soldier just enough warmth to keep his spirits up! This Christmas think about warming up with a Presidential brew. Grab a porter and have a Merry Christmas! Here’s To Good Beers!

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