Yazoo Brewing Co “Deux Rouge”

Duex Rouges      I am interrupting my regularly scheduled pumpkin ale series for a special review. Friday, November 6th marked my 1000th Untappd check-in. I wanted this check-in to be special, so I put it out on the social webs to see if any brewery wanted to sponsor this personal milestone. Of course, in turn I would review the beer. In almost no time at all a representative from a Nashville, Tennessee brewery got back to me. Having never sampled any brews from the state of Tennessee that I’m aware of, I most certainly took her up on the offer.
      Yazoo Brewing‘s Embrace the Funk Series “Deux Rouges” Batch #2 is a Flemish Sour Red Ale aged in Merlot Barrels. It pours a  dark red color with a thin white head that dissipates very quickly. The aromas of tart cherries, wine and Oak jump out of the glass and into your face. The taste delivers big sour cherry and grape notes. It’s the kind of taste that hits you square in the corners of your jaw. This effect is not limited to the first sip, this experience happens every sip till the very last sip. It literally makes you physically smile with ever sip. After the initial sour Punch other delicious flavors present themselves; such as vanilla, oak, and a great funky hay layer adds to the depth of this beer. The finish is dry and tart followed by a long lasting aftertaste of caramel and cherry. The 6.2% ABV is nearly undetectable, making this very easy to drink. I think a nice slice of NY Style Cheesecake would pair nicely with this. If you haven’t embraced the funk yet… Get yourself to Nashville! Here’s to Good Beers!

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